Consignment is effectively having another party sell your product or goods for you. In the case of automobiles you, the consignor, and Insight Automotive, the consignee, enter into an agreement where we market your vehicle, endeavoring to sell the vehicle to a third party for a price which you have agreed upon. During this process Insight Automotive never owns the vehicle, and as such the owner, you are in complete control over what you would like to do with the vehicle. We don’t sell the vehicle to anyone unless the price is right for you.

Why consign your vehicle?


When selling a vehicle, not many of us have time to take the necessary precautions in order to sell it safely and securely. It can be quite a process, especially when potential buyers want to view the car and you have to schedule a showing either at your house or a public place. When you choose to consign your vehicle with us, we will handle all of the work for you. Our facility is secure with safety in mind and our staff is extremely knowledgeable and will do what is needed in order to get your vehicle sold in a timely matter.


Consigning a vehicle with us is completely-hassle free for you.You no longer have to worry about no shows or waiting for interested parties. You do not have to schedule test drives or mechanic checks and most importantly, you do not have to deal with people who are trying to negotiate the price of your car. We will agree on a price range, in which we will sell the car, and a small commission that will cover overhead and dealership fees. It’s super simple and a worry-free process!


At Insight Automotive we accept trades for every make and model. By doing this, we are able to open up the market for your car and we also make it easier for potential customers that would not have been able to afford your vehicle outright. This becomes significant when a buyer has a vehicle that they want to get rid of in order to get into a different vehicle.


We have the ability to arrange total financing for a potential buyer With Approved Credit (W.A.C.). This is a huge benefit of consigning your vehicle with Insight Automotive. You no longer have to settle for a buyer who has cash, rather, you are able to sell your vehicle even if the potential buyer needs financing. We hold direct relationships with many banks and credit unions who have partnered with us to get the best possible financing for each and every one of our customers.

Lien payoff

When selling a vehicle by yourself, buyers are often hesitant to purchase when a lien is involved. Insight Automotive can handle the payoff of your lien when we sell it, removing the need for you to convince the buyer that they're safe in transacting the payoff of your vehicle.


Selling a vehicle can be quite a process. Do you know what it would cost you to list your car in all of the places that we advertise? Insight Automotive spends thousands of dollars every month in advertising fees for our vehicles to appear in nearly every major classified venue. You will be listed on numerous high quality websites including AutoTrader,, and We take extremely high quality photographs and have an extensive photo album for each vehicle in our inventory. Our cars are described in great detail that is simply not seen from other sellers.

Tender, Loving Care

When you choose to consign your vehicle with us, we treat your vehicle as if it were our own. The test drive will always be local and we go through all of the necessary steps in order to ensure that your car is mechanically safe. We will always have the utmost care and concern for your vehicle as long as it’s on our lot.

Consignment not for you?

If you decide that you would like to take a different route, other than consignment, you may sell us your vehicle outright. This is also a headache-free alternative to selling your car by means of a private party. Insight Automotive will agree on a price that both parties find to be fair. Also, if your vehicle is financed, we will pay off what you owe on the car, and write you a check for the difference.

At Insight Automotive we have an exceptional sales staff and management team that care for our customers and consignors. With years of sales experience in our staff, you can rest assured that you will be happy doing business with us. Let us know how we can help you. Call the dealership or come by today and see how easy it really is to get the most for your vehicle!

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